Thursday, 21 February 2013

Quiet Time

I've been a bit short on subject matter to bang on about recently, resulting in a quiet old time here in blog-land, for which I make no apology.

Just to keep things interesting, though, I thought I'd share something that Mrs G pointed me at a few nights ago. It's song-writer Peter J Casey's blog, major to minor (also in the blog list, in the sidebar).

Peter writes about music and musical theatre from a deep musical background, using an expert vocabulary, and a wicked, dry wit. Most recently he demonstrated why the songs in the television series "Smash" just don't work in a theatrical sense, and his series of posts on Eurovision are also great fun, with a level of musical geekiness that's rare to read, and even rarer to be able to follow. The blog also includes recordings of some of his songs, mostly funny, some just thoughtful, but all of them beautifully constructed.

If you've got a spare moment you could do a whole lot worse than navigating over there and browsing for a little while. You don't even have to tell him I sent you.

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